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Most of us know about the current state of the planet, how us humans as a species are knowingly destroying this natural world in which we live. From cyclones and wildfires raging throughout many countries, severe droughts to destructive floods the blame for these climate disasters can only be pointed to one species... and that is us...

Humans are to blame however most of us individually make very little contribution to the worsening of this world. The main blame lies with the biggest contributors to global warming and they are the huge companies, the industries that are the driving force behind global warming. Due to this a lot of people seem to believe that because their contribution towards global warming is low as an individual then there's little need for them to change the way they live and lessen their contribution. The problem with this mindset is that the bigger picture is not looked at. The average UK household emits about 17 tonnes of CO2 each year with some households producing quite a considerable amount more. These emissions are still low when compared to the carbon footprint of large companies. However when put into perspective the bigger picture becomes clear; 17 tonnes of CO2 emitted by a household a year, 28 million UK households, that's 476 million tonnes of CO2 emitted every year by households. This number is also most likely lower than the actual figure.

Approximately 25% of household emissions are derived from home energy such as piped gas and electricity. If every household switched to renewable energy yearly household emissions would drop by 25% from 476 million tonnes to 357 million tonnes a year. This drop of well over 100 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year would prove a huge leap towards rescuing this planet from it's current state and these statistics are just from the UK alone.

I understand switching to renewable energy is easier said than done and for a lot of people the money to install solar panels or wind turbines is just too much. There are ways around this however, I have recently come across an affordable alternative to getting solar panels installed on your roof. This is a product made by Backyard Revolution, they create simple small solar panel systems that can be placed in your backyard. After a recent MIT study has revealed how to make compact solar energy harvesting more efficient they have been able to make these solar panels more compact and more powerful with the capabilities of cutting your electricity bill in half if not more. These quirky panels are easy to put together and cost effective, it does not allow you to be fully dependent on them for all your energy needs however it could cut your home energy emissions in half. If everyone used these in their backyards household CO2 emissions could drop by nearly 60 million tonnes a year and again this is just statistics for the UK.

If your interest has been spiked by these solar panels please go check them out using this link

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

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