Everybody loves fireworks, they're a real spectacle to observe with bursts of bright colours leaving everyone in awe. They're fun for all ages and an enjoyable yearly tradition, because of this it is not often that people look at the issues surrounding them.

When I say issues surrounding fireworks the first thing people usually think of is animals, and this is true. Every year videos circle of dogs hiding, panicking and shacking uncontrollably due to the fear for the loud noises and it is truly heartbreaking to observe. It is not only dogs that are affected badly by this however, many households house many different animals from your average cat to exotic birds to reptiles and amphibians. Thousands of animals experiencing extreme terror and fright yearly all because we want to see some bright bursts of colours in the night sky. When you spare some thought to it, isn't it surprising that we still allow households to fire off as many fireworks as they please whenever they get their hands on any.

Fireworks do not only have a negative effect on animals, the environment is also negatively impacted by them. Fireworks cause extensive damage to the environment, they cause serious air pollution in a short space of time. They leave metal particles, dangerous toxins, harmful chemicals and smoke in the air for hours even days. Some of these toxins never fully decompose or disintegrate instead remain in the environment poisoning anything that comes into contact with them. After a fireworks display these chemicals make their way into and pollute the surrounding soil they land on and water systems they land in. Not only is pollution caused most of the raw materials used to make these fireworks come from mountain mining which is a large cause of deforestation and habitat destruction.

If reading this you agree with anything I have written here and want to help make a difference, below I have attached a link to a petition to ban fireworks from being sold. There are always multiple of the same petitions online so you may find more please sign them as well.

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